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Project Description

Pai Lin

Pai Lin (meaning Gem stone)

Age : 70+
Arrival at WFFT : February 2007 from street begging in various cities.
Working History : Logging, Trekking.
Pai Lin begged on the streets for many years, previously being in the trekking industry. She carried a heavy ‘seat’ with possibly up to six tourists in it (this maltreatment is common in the tourist industry), she had several pressure sores and her spine is visibly deformed, although, thankfully, she does not appear to be in any pain with it.
Temperament : Gentle, sedate, loner, prefers her own company.
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Deformed spine (years of trekking)
  • Very sunken cheeks
  • Large folds of skin, looks like it to three times to big. – Pink on front of face

Her back has old pressure point sore scars and her spine is obviously deformed. The temple domes of her head are particularly pronounced. Compared to the other elephants, she “looks old”.

Characteristics : She is very gentle and sedate and tends to prefer her own company. She likes to go on walks where she can forage and enjoys getting into the lake in her enclosure. She does like her daily showers from the volunteers and also likes to cool herself down by spraying herself all over with the water.

Adopt Pai Lin today: Help us to finance the ongoing care for Pai Lin by making a donation. Adoption donations are safe, secure and tax deductible through Paypal.

Pai Lin’s Story

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