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Thung Ngern – ถุงเงิน

Name meaning:  Bag of money
Arrival date: August 2020
Arrival age: 50
Rescue location: Phuket
History: Thung Ngern was rescued from a trekking camp on the island of Phuket, where she was forced to carry tourists on her back all day. Before this, she worked in the logging industry and was made to destroy the habitat her species depends on for survival in the wild.

This beautiful elephant spent most of her life being exploited by humans. Thankfully, she now has a life without chains, without work, and where she can recover from her trauma and learn to be an elephant again. Thank you to all WFFT supporters whose kindness makes this possible.

Characteristics:  Thung Ngern is blind in her right eye and has more hair than most of our other elephants. She prefers her own company but enjoys daily walks around the centre.

Thung Ngern

January 2022

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