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BOON DEE บุญดี

Name meaning: Good merit
Arrival date: August 2018
Arrival age: 28
Rescue location: Pattaya
History: Boon Dee was rescued from a trekking camp thanks to WFFT supporter, Joan Pearson’s generous support. She was in a terrible state when we met her; half blind, emaciated and covered in abscesses. Her owners cried when they first saw the abuse and neglect she had suffered. They returned her to full health and said they would never let her fall into the wrong hands again. Boon Dee’s owners accompanied her on the journey to WFFT. They cried when they saw where she was going to spend the rest of her life, but this time it was tears of joy.

Boon Dee quickly settled in to her new home at Project 4. During her first walk, she approached Gan Da, and we learned they had worked together many years ago.

Characteristics: Boon Dee is blind in her right eye. She is friendly towards people and other elephants, but she also enjoys alone time, so she can swim. She can be found splashing around in the lakes almost every day.

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