Rescued elephant, Boon Chuey, is easy to recognise. She has a deformed spine, caused by years of cruelty and abuse. For decades, Boon Chuey was exploited in many ways – from being forced to tear down her habitat as a logging elephant, to tourist trekking, and even begging on the streets of Bangkok. Boon Chuey has experienced it all.

Her spine is sunken from the many years of carrying tourists around on her back. Elephant riding is so harmful to elephants and their physical and mental health. Fortunately, she was rescued in 2014 and has been living without chains and pain for almost eight years now.

Every day, it costs us $10 to feed this gorgeous girl. Will you please join us today in protecting retired elephants like Boon Chuey by pledging a small monthly gift? They are completely dependent on our supporters to get the daily care they need. Please give a little for a gentle giant today >