La Ong Dao (right, in image above) and Pun (left) make such a great team.

La Ong Dao was more than 50 years old when she was rescued in 2014: she’d spent her life being abused in logging and trekking camps. But since coming to the WFFT elephant refuge, she has taken on an entirely new job – that is, the role of surrogate grandmother.

Pun arrived in 2015 with her baby girl, Pin, who was just one year old at the time. The moment La Ong Dao met Pin, she instantly took on the role of doting grandma. It is so amazing to see their family bond and the friendship La Ong Dao and Pun have formed and how together, they protect, nurture and take it in turns to care for little Pun and give her double the love and attention. Aren’t elephants just incredible?