This beautiful lady is more than 50 years old and blind in one eye. Like most of our rescued elephants, she has endured terrible suffering and pain as a logging elephant and then as a trekking elephant, on the tourist island of Phuket. She was rescued during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Although she clearly carries the trauma of her past with her, and doesn’t seem to find comfort with the company of her fellow species, she is slowly learning that life doesn’t have to be full of sorrow. Here she is going on a stroll to a forest area where she can graze under the watchful eye of her caring mahout. No more pain, no more chains. Without our supporters, we simply wouldn’t be able to provide Thung Ngern with the retirement she so deserves. $10 can feed Thung Ngern for a day. Do you love elephants? Please consider joining us today by pledging a small monthly gift and help us continue to change lives for the better >