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Project Description

Khan Kluey

Age : 10 +
Arrival at WFFT : October 2008 from the streets of Cha-am.
Working History : Circus, Street begging.
Khan Kluey was born in captivity at an elephant camp. At only a year old he was torn away from his mother and put through the Phajaan, which is outrageously young. He was then taken by his new mahout captors and forced to perform tricks and beg for food to make money from tourists on the city streets. Khan Kluey was found by WFFT in 2008 on the streets of Cha-am.
Temperament : Adolescent, young male, clever, quick learner which makes for a DANGEROUS combination.
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Smooth skin apart from a few scars
  • Healthy, full bodied
  • Wide eyes, can see white rim around iris
  • His multiple scars throughout his body are from where he has been prodded with a sharp stick to “train” him. His tusks have been broken off in his attempts to break free from the chains.

Characteristics :
Khan Kluey is very playful. He loves to play in the lake with balls or swim for corn which has been thrown in to the water. He is very intelligent, and has little fear of humans like other captive elephants.

Adopt Khan Kluey today: Help us to finance the ongoing care for Khan Kluey by making a donation. Adoption donations are safe, secure and tax deductible through Paypal.

Khan Kluey’s Story

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