First steps into the new project!. Finally! The elephants are starting to live together on the newly built “wild elephant enclosure” on our project 4 site. 7 of our elephants are selected to start a life in a group or herd as it is called with elephants. The start of this thrilling event is not too easy, with some of the elephants being uneasy with life in a herd as they have lived all their lives alone, not having to share food or space with other elephants. We are however sure that in due time they will get used to each other’s company and will instead of seeing each other as trouble, love each-other’s company and look out for one and other. Our first step is having the 7 girls share the large open field and forest during the days, one day on and one day off. Within reasonable time they will be able to share this space day and night. Here some great photos and video of their first days together.