It has been a couple weeks since Alicia and Malai moved up to Project 4 full time. Here is the current P4 roster highlighting some of our ladies’ distinctive features and personalities.
1) Alicia has tusks and is the dominant one. Malai is smaller, shorter, and older. She follows Alicia wherever she goes. If they wander too far apart, they will trumpet and run back to each other!

2) Jum Nong says hello to WFFT’s President! She is our most recent rescue, has a distinctive spine, and is sometimes seen tagging along with Gan Da and Mee Chai.

3) Gan Da and Mee Chai enjoy a thorough scratch after a mud bath. These two are very similar in height and general physique. Gan Da is timid and startles easily while Mee Chai is a little braver and looks after Gan Da.

4) Poom Puang has small tusks and is really really hairy. This is the easiest way to tell this pair apart from the others. Poom Puang and Thong Ma were rescued a week apart from the same trekking camp where they were chained up near one another. They are fast friends. Poom Puang is inquisitive and friendly while Thong Ma is slow, sweet, and more easily spooked. She eats very slowly and looks like she’s falling asleep.

5) Thong Poon is our youngest elephant in P4. She is very bright, curious, and active. The finger at the end of her trunk is longer than usual so she is very adept at ripping through her enrichments. She had a violent past so she has been acclimating to her new life in a side enclosure. She hasn’t shown any aggression since her time at WFFT and will be allowed to roam freely soon.

6) Chock Dee is a bit of a loner and not too fond of humans. Don’t get too close as she may charge!