Early in the week when the WFFT Rescue Team were out rescuing Boon Dee they were saddened to find an elderly elephant in urgent need of help at the same tourist camp. They saw an emaciated elephant covered in scars chained to a tree with no shade or water. We contacted the owner of this elephant to investigate further about the possibility of helping her. The owner initially wanted an unreasonable amount of money for her to be given her freedom. We were later told that she has collapsed three times over the past few months, and that she had also fallen into a drain. A tourist camp with no veterinary staff and poor animal care is no place for a sick elderly elephant. Thankfully after a few days of discussions, the owner has agreed that we can transfer Jum Nong here to the WFFT Elephant Hospital for urgent care and veterinary treatment tomorrow.

The WFFT Elephant Hospital was created with the aim of helping elephants like Jum Nong. Those left in camps no longer working, no longer any use to their owner, with no hope for the future. She will require round the clock care from our team of veterinarians and a huge amount of medical supplies, not forgetting a vast quantity of fresh food to help her regain her strength. We estimate that the initial rescue and the first month of care will cost around $5000.00 USD. Please help us raise these funds to help this special old soul. We dread to think what would happen if we left her at the camp. You can help us help her by donation today at www.wfft.org/donate/. We hope that if she responds to treatment and regains her strength that we can secure her freedom and she can retire permanently at the WFFT Elephant Refuge, we will only know this in the coming weeks. If making a donation, please specify that it is for the “Jum Nong Fund”. Thank you in advance to all you amazing supporters!!!