A safe haven for Khan Kluey. Little boys get big they say when a child grows up… But for Khan Kloey, the only bull elephant at WFFT this surely is more than true. He is currently one of the tallest elephants here and at 10 years of age his first musth period will come soon. Time for us to think about a proper, big and safe home for him, when the time comes that we cannot hold him without danger to our staff, volunteers or even himself. We started building a 15,000 square meter enclosure for him and his foster mother “Somboon” 6 months ago and after pouring 700 tons of cement, digging ponds and building enrichments, roofs and a side enclosure, we finally were able to move him a few days ago. This new enclosure was build up to International standard and is 100% safe for elephants and keepers alike. With a great side enclosure we are able to separate the elephants when needed, or get them both in at the same time, clean up the other part or spread food and enrichments. You can see in the photos that the enclosure is not just spacious, but that there is plenty to enjoy there. Khan Kloey loves the water! With thanks to the veterinary team of Dr Fung, of Mahidol University!