Khan Kluey can’t join the herd in project4 but at least he will still see the enclosure he is sharing with Som Boon Improved. This special enclosure designed to fit the needs and personality of this unruly teenager has become a bit of a baron desert. Not long ago it was green with grass and trees but our only bull decided to change the decoration and transform his home into something definitely more uncluttered. Khan Kluey loves to destroy! As a teenager with a difficult childhood he has some rough sides. Destroying his environment, enrichments, … and basically everything his trunk can reach is his favourite activity. Despite the cost, he still deserves that we trie and make his home a more beautiful place.
Have a look at the 3 massive trees that we hope are going to improve his daily life, and also that of Som Boon his adoptive mum. Let’s hope they will be strong enough to survive Khan Kluey’s games.