Lately our WFFT Elephant Refuge Team of staff and volunteers have been finding more diverse enrichments for our rescued elephants, and especially for our 12 year old bull “Khan Kluey” who has been living at WFFT for several years now. Like a lot of kids he can destroy his toys quickly, overwhelmed by the fun and excitement. But how enjoyable it is to see him diverted! Khan Kluey’s favourite enrichments are those made of tires, more resistant and durable. Giving enrichments to elephants, and in general to any animals provides mental and physical stimulation. It keeps them active. This week a volunteer brought some large inflatable yoga balls. Elephants love to play with them and they feature on our wish list. Indeed, some volunteers ask us if there is anything they can bring to help us with the animals at the centre. We are very appreciative of anything they can bring us, so we draw up a general list of items we are commonly in need of ( Thanks to this donation Khan Kluey had a lot of squeaky fun playing which he enjoyed a lot. Have a look at this ‘Squeak… Squeak… Squeak… Pop’ moment!!!