As you will have noticed if you follow us, we were hosting Joan Pearson, a long-term supporter of WFFT whose generosity and fundraising have allowed us to progress to where we are now. Without the help of Joan & her friends we would not have been able to grow so profoundly as a foundation or provide such fantastic care for all the elephants at the elephant refuge.
She is passionate about elephants. Beyond the financial help she provides us, she comes to visit our residents to see how they are doing as often as she can. She brings them special treats, walks with them, talks to them, gazes at them, spends as much of her time as she can around them, always with love and respect for what they are. She always brings some of her generous friends with her and together they keep everyone back home updated on the progress at the centre and the elephants in it.
Dave (the Elephant Refuge Coordinator) and Noi (the WFFT president) joined them for a walk and to watch the elephants swim in the lake. A delightful and enjoyable moment in the company of Thong Ma and Poom Puang, 2 of the elephants Joan and her friends hugely contributed towards the rescue of.
WFFT staff, devoted supporters, friends and of course the motivated volunteers all choose to come to contribute to something bigger, to help redeem some the abuse inflicted by humans. Together they form a community of dedicated people with an absolute commitment and love for the elephants and their happiness.
We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Joan & her friends for everything they have made possible for us here at WFFT.
You can help us to help more, by donating, fundraising, sponsoring, adopting, campaigning, educating, volunteering, visiting or even spending a night or two with us in one of our luxurious lodges. Visit our website As a non-profit organisation our work depends on you. Be part of a better world. There is no such thing as a little help, any help allows us to make one more step.