Project Description

Chok Dee

Chok Dee (meaning Shooting star)
Age : 50+
Arrival at WFFT : 24th November 2015
Working History : Logging, Trekking.
While visiting Pattaya, WFFT staff and supporters decided to visit the same elephant camp that Rung Thip came from and discovered her friend Chok Dee. Rung Thip and Chok Dee worked together for around 20 years in the same camp, and when not working where chained in the same shelter next to each other. When the owner told the WFFT supporters that he was interested in retiring her, the team quickly secured her rescue. After a long drive, she became the second elephant to be admitted to our new elephant hospital.
Temperament : Slow, easy-going, enjoys the company of humans and elephants.
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Very large stomach, quite overweight
  • Stubby – relatively small lengthways


Characteristics :
Once vets gave her the all-okay, Chok Dee was introduced to Rung Thip. Rung Thip, normally a shy, submissive elephant recognised her friend of two decades. Chok Dee was very nervous about it all, new surrounding and so many admirers watching on that she secluded herself to the bottom end of her paddock to enjoy her new chain free life, grazing and dust bathing. Rung Thip over the following days comforted her and Chok Dee has since settled well. Chok Dee is a very big elephant, very round and quite active. They have become much closer, but are showing their age, spending their days slowly moving around the enclosure, grazing and enjoying their freedom.

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Chokdee’s Story

October 2017

Eye to Eye – Chok Dee

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May 2017

Chubby Chok Dee WFFT’s newest elephant enclosure

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Chubby Chok Dee exploring WFFT's newest elephant enclosure which once completed will be and better than any we have created before. We have secured the land but will need some time and funds to finish [...]

November 2016

Cheerful Chok Dee

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November 2015

Choke Dee arrives at the WFFT Elephant Refuge

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On Tuesday a team of staff and volunteers went to rescue Choke Dee, a 50-year-old elephant that has spent the last decades of her life giving rides to tourists every day at an elephant camp. [...]