We promised to keep you updated on the progress of Mee Chai our most recently rescued elephant – She is doing great!!! After her first night in a chain-free night enclosure at the WFFT Project 4 area she discovered a lovely neighbour, Gan Da. Gan Da is usually more independent from the other Project 4 residents but showed some curiosity and interest in her new neighbour. After having their breakfast Gan Da was let out for the day and shortly after this Mee Chai was allowed to explore her new home. Mee Chai wanted nothing more than to find, meet then follow Gan Da. For the past few days they have been inseparable, exploring, showering, grazing and relaxing together. Take a look at some of the special moments.

No chains, No hooks, No screams and Nobody sitting on her back. Let’s continue fighting for an abuse free life for Thailand’s captive elephants!!!

See the rescue story here: https://www.thaielephantrefuge.org/breaking-news-elephant-rescue-mee-chai-arrives-at-wfft/ and a video of the rescue here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjfOgU3C8LY),