Today we celebrated baby Princesses (Pin’s) 1st birthday with a festivity of balloons, mountains of fresh fruit and an expertly carved bamboo birthday cake. Pin, her mother Pun and her two ever attentive aunties; Kaew Petch and La Ong Dao went into the grassland area of the WFFT Elephant Refuge while volunteers and the WFFT team lovingly prepared the birthday treats. Pin and Pun where rescued 5 months ago from a trekking camp where Pin was for sale. Pun gave birth to two calves previously, these calves were taken away from her at a young age. It was so heartwarming for us to be able to share the special day of her baby reaching a year of age together with her, and we very much look forward to many more happy birthdays! Among the guests at the party was Joan Pearson, a long-term supporter of WFFT whose generosity and fundraising has allowed us to progress to where we are now. Without the help of Joan and her friends we would not have been able to progress so profoundly as a foundation or provide such fantastic care for all the elephants at the elephant refuge. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Joan and her friends for everything they have made a possibility for us here at WFFT. Pin and her little family came running over to the birthday cake and spent the afternoon enjoying the treats whilst being wished a happy birthday by a chorus of adoring volunteers, guests and staff members. Wishing a very happy 1st birthday to beautiful Princess!!!