As Pin explores her new enclosure she is under the close watch of her doting aunties, La ong Dao and Keaw Petch, and mother Pun. The new lake within the enclosure is considerably larger than her previous swimming pool and the banks are a little tricky for a small elephant like Pin. The aunts are always around to give her a helping hand and help her skills develop as she progresses into adulthood.
The lessons learned in her early years are guided by the herd, they are invaluable to Pin’s development, and of course, wonderful to witness.
Remember, all the members of the WFFT Herd have been rescued from torturous pasts, most have come directly from elephant tourist camps or from city streets where they were forced to beg. Help us to help more elephants by supporting our most recent campaign to create bigger and better facilities here at the WFFT Elephant refuge. See the campaign page here