Yesterday baby Pin, along with Mum Pun, were introduced to some of our other adult female elephants with the aim of creating a new family for Pin. Dao Rueng, Boon Chuey, Kaew Petch and our grand old lady Pai Lin, who isn’t always the most social of elephants joined Mum and Baby. They spent the morning grazing in the grasslands within the WFFT Elephant Refuge, investigating the newest arrivals without a fence between them for the first time. While most of the elephants showed interest, it was Kaew Petch who was most intrigued by the youngest member of the WFFT Elephant herd. While the others wandered away to eat, Kaew Petch didn’t stop playing and investigating Pin. It was obvious she was in love. Mum Pun was unsure at first, but eventually became relaxed and even allowed Pin to wander off with Keaw Petch to graze and play in the mud. We will continue monitored introductions, but we think beautiful little Pin now has some beautiful aunties to look over her. We hope this is the start of a new WFFT elephant herd.