After decades working in the tourism industry it is time for Nam Choke the 50-year-old female elephant to break free from chains.

After spending many years working hard for her owners, they decided to find a more suitable home where she can happily retire. On Saturday the WFFT staff and volunteer team headed to Ratchaburi Province to facilitate the move to the WFFT Elephant Refuge.

Upon arrival Nam Choke was a little wary of her new environment, so her mahout stayed with her for the first 2 days to help her adapt. She is an elderly elephant who has worked all her life. We hope that can make friends with other members of the WFFT herd.

Nam Chokes rescue would not have been possible without the support of Joan and Leanne, who are dedicated elephant advocates and long-term supporters of our work.

With a captive elephant population of over 3500 here in Thailand we cannot help them all. We will help the ones we can. For now at least Nam Choke has regained some of her freedom.

Helping elephants in need requires a lot of extra expenditure not within the regular operating budget of WFFT. If you would like to help us help more please think about giving a donation at