Having a lake where our sweet but old diva ladies can have a swim and refresh themselves is essential for their well-being. As for all the ponds and lakes in our elephant enclosures, there is also lots of aquatic life. The lakes often become over grown with aquatic plants, so to allow other living organisms to flourish we do monthly lake clear up’s.

The volunteers and staff were split into 3 groups, the ‘whatever’ ones: people who jump in the water, sometimes slip on mud but find that funny and throw plants on the shore, and the ‘I am ok to touch them’ ones: taking the plants from the ground to up them in big baskets, and at last, the ‘I’ll carry the baskets’ ones: which is obviously the one carrying baskets to the truck.

That is why volunteering is so interesting and suited to so many (age, gender, physical condition…), there is always things to do. And it is working for all of our activities! The important thing are the commitment, the motivation, and the love of team work, and solidarity.

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