Take a look at our little family of elephants, Pin and mummy Pun, and aunties La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch having fun exploring the neighboring enclosure while we plant new large trees within their own enclosure. We have been doing some upgrades throughout the WFFT Elephant Refuge over the past few weeks with volunteers and staff working hard planting new large trees to create shade and new enrichments for our ele residents.

Find out more about them by viewing their profiles and rescue stories on our new WFFT Elephant Refuge Website.

Pin – https://www.thaielephantrefuge.org/WFFT-Elephants/pin/

Pun – https://www.thaielephantrefuge.org/WFFT-Elephants/apple/

La Ong Dao – https://www.thaielephantrefuge.org/WFFT-Elephants/laongdao/

Kaew Petch – https://www.thaielephantrefuge.org/WFFT-Elephants/kaewpetch/