One more time the “Enrichment Special Project Team” of the WFFT Elephant Refuge strikes again. Each time composed of volunteers ever motivated for physical tasks, our mission is to build new entertaining and strong facilities for the elephants throughout the centre.

And here we are! The decision was made to install a tire wall in Jele and Wassana’s enclosure. An already approved enrichment device by several elephants such as Pai Lin or Boon Chuey.

It is some work to construct a tire wall which was installed between two big poles deeply rooted in the ground! We made holes, bolted, and attached numerous heavy tires to this structure. This is pretty physical task. How satisfying to know, for a volunteer, that your hard work will last in time and improve the day of those majestic creatures. Interested in joining the adventure? Visit our page:

And to see how Jele and Wassana enjoy their new “toy”, keep an eye for a post in few days on our WFFT Elephant Refuge Facebook page.