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Name Meaning: ‘Halo’

Age: 45

Arrival: July 2016 from a trekking camp in Ratchaburi (West Thailand)

Distinguishing features: Small elephant, healthy weight. Well-rounded back. Very prominent pink depigmentation on her trunk, ears and head. Large ears in very good condition. Light, copper-coloured eyes.

History: Wassana’s rescue was secured by our supporter Joan Pearson and her friends in Sydney who kindly donated the money necessary to retire this elephant permanently from more than 40 years of work and human exploitation.  She received a full health assessment at the camp she was rescued from prior to her arrival with the WFFT team finding her in good condition, though bearing several scars from her working life and a large abscess on her leg which has since been treated. Upon her arrival at the WFFT Elephant Refuge, Wassana walked around her new enclosure with real confidence, communicating with our elephants throughout her first night in low rumbles.

Characteristics & Personality Traits: About ten years younger than most of the other elephants we at the WFFT Elephant Refuge, Wassana is a generally confident and active, though friendly and gentle elephant, already winning the hearts of many of the mahouts and volunteers. Wassana will keenly approach any people who pass by her enclosure, walking with them along the perimeter as is almost always happy to see visitors. She has also found a new friend in our 55-year old female Nam Fon, whose gentle and slow demeanor perfectly complements Wassana’s.

Adopt Wassana today: Help us to finance the ongoing care for Wassana by making a donation. Adoption donations are safe, secure and tax deductible through Paypal.

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