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La Ong Dao ละอองดาว

Name meaning: Stardust
Arrival date: November 2014
Arrival age: 50
Rescue location: Pattaya
History: La Ong Dao was used in the logging industry before being moved to a trekking camp. She was worked to the point of exhaustion, carrying tourists on her back all day in the blistering Thai heat. It is obvious she was not treated very well before being rescued; her face has very distinct depigmentation markings, she is missing the bottom part of her tail, and she struggles with chronic eye infections, which are a result of her having no eyelashes to prevent dust from entering her eyes.

Characteristics: La Ong Dao has more orange skin depigmentation than any other elephant at WFFT due to the amount of time she spent working in the sun. Unsurprisingly, she now loves cooling herself down by swimming and giving herself mud baths. La Ong Dao now lives in our Midlands area and can usually be found close to her good friend, Pun.

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La Ong Dao’s Story

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