On Wednesday the 26th of August Thailand burned its confiscated ivory, that mostly originated from African elephants killed for this ivory in the last few years. This move by the authorities was a first positive step in the right direction of better enforcement to tackle the trade and killing of elephants and their parts. Although some people do not agree with the destruction of this ivory, we at WFFT support this move for 100%. Over the last decennia some confiscated stocks were sold back into the market, while some confiscated stockpiles were stolen and put back on the market as well. WFFT supports a complete ban on ivory trade at all costs. The reason for this is that we found that most countries in Asia do not have the means to enforce a “controlled” trade, lack the expertise to check on stocks’ origin and legality, and last not but not least have corrupted systems in place, making it impossible to guarantee proper enforcement. Thailand’s prime minister yesterday promised to sop corruption and to increase the penalties on poachers, traders, sellers and buyers, but also on those that “facilitate the trade”, any corrupt official. We will be sharply monitoring the trade as we have always been and make sure to follow up on these criminals that continue the illegal trade in ivory.