A rescued wild elephant is back home!

A wild elephant was found collapsed, dehydrated and extremely weak on June 21st in Pala U forest of Kaengkrachan National Park. This poor elephant, female and about 4-5 years of age was unable to stand up or eat.

It was found she had eaten poisoned food, probably from a farm area bordering the jungle, and the chance of recovery was very poor at first. For over 6 weeks veterinarians of the DNP, universities and of WFFT have taken care of her (see earlier stories on our facebook page and website) until he was found to be strong and healthy enough to be released back to the wild. Yesterday it was finally time for her to go back.

Rith’s family has been visiting her several times and tried even to release her from her ropes and chains in the past, and last visited her two days ago. Rith was released yesterday back to the wild (a first ever in Thailand for elephants!!!), accompanied by two captive elephants fro a elephant camp. Rith has a red radio collar around her neck so she can be traced and followed for the first few days.

We hope to show you photos within a few days, after she has be reunited with her mother and aunties!