Running, standing up, smelling, touching, caring for each other, that is what these majestic animals can freely do in WFFT’s biggest open enclosure. No chains, no punishment, no fear, no humans shouting at them for being what they are…

Fun fact of the day:
Regarding a Japanese study, elephants have one of the most efficient senses smell of the animal kingdom. They have around 2000 genes relative to scent receptor, 5 times more than humans! The trunk is used in tactile communication, used to touch and taste their friends and new elephants they meet. They place their trunks into each others mouths and often inspect the whole body with the trunk.

So, more than cute friendly attitude, we are witnessing real complex social interactions. What a privilege to be able to observe such a recovering of normal social behavior for animals who, all their lives, have been exploited, tortured, confined and oppressed by humans. Let the magic of Project 4 occurs again!