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Project Description

See Puak

See Puak (meaning albino in Thai language)
Age : 55+
Arrival at WFFT :
Working History : Logging, Trekking
See Puak is over 55 years old, having been captured from the wild at around 10 years of age, which
at the time was not unusual, although still illegal. Prior to arriving at WFFT, she spent the previous 23 years of her life with the same owner, working mainly at an elephant camp entertaining tourists with tricks. Knowing how easy See Puak was to ‘train’, thanks to her love of food, her owner also put her to work in the film industry, and See Puak featured in several movies over the years. It was obvious to the rescue team that See Puak’s love of food hadn’t diminished over time, with it being very easy to lead the elephant onto the truck, which was to bring her home to WFFT, with a few bananas.
Temperament : Matriarch of WFFT, dominant, food orientated.
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Large head for body
  • Scared body
  • Less torn ears than Namphon – White tail hairs

Characteristics :
See Puak is a very sprightly elephant! She is welcoming of human attention and likes to follow volunteers and staff up and down the side of her enclosure. She loves to go on walks (she is very fast!) to the forest where she can forage. She also likes to swim in the lake in her enclosure. She LOVES food and too much is never enough!

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