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Project Description

Gan Da

Name Meaning: ‘Darling’
Legal Age: 40
Arrival: November 2017, from a trekking camp in Chiang Rai (Far North Thailand)

Distinguishing Features: Tall elephant, very healthy weight. Rounded spine and full ears. Notable line of scar tissue across her forehead. Full tail of hair, though hair is trimmed.
History: Logging, trekking

Characteristics and Personality Traits:
Initially very wary of other elephants but friendly with people, Gan Da has showed one of the slowest recoveries of all elephants rescued here at WFFT. After a period of a few months, she slowly began warming to Malai Ngun and Alicia, whom she would see roaming nearby each day. After Mee Chai was rescued in early 2018, she and Gan Da became fast friends. Though far more confident than before, she is still a fairly shy elephant and is particularly afraid of loud noises, particularly those of truck and motorbike engines.