The WFFT elephant refuge today welcomed another member to it’s family “Rung Thip”. Rung Thip is a 55 year old elephant that has worked in the Thai elephant tourist trade for the last 25 years and did so in the last 3 years with severe arthritis, her both front legs being in constant pain. For several weeks the WFFT staff have been negotiating with her owners to have her retire to our elephant refuge and with help from our generous sponsors in Sydney, Australia we were yesterday able to rescue Rung Thip and have her retire for life! On Friday morning WFFT staff and many volunteers traveled to Pattaya city in Thailand to join Rung Thip on her last truck-trip, on her way to a life of relaxing, eating, sleeping an living with other fortunate elephants at the WFFT centre. The trip from the elephant tourist camp to WFFT took 6 hours and Rung Thip was quiet and docile during the ride, as if she knew life was going to change for the better! After arrival Rung Thip was taken to the night enclosure where a lot of fruits, grass and vegetables were waiting for her. She relaxed after a few hours eating and in the morning was greeted by all volunteers at the centre. Later in the day her chain was removed and she was shown around her new home, the first day of retirement!