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Project Description

Malai Ngun

Name Meaning: A large necklace made of money meant to bring good fortune to the person who wears it.

Legal Age : 65
Arrival : December 2016, from a trekking camping in Pattaya (East Thailand)

Distinguishing Features : Small elephant with a rounded head and ears in good condition.. Blind in her left eye (it is opaque-white). Missing a lot of tail hairs. Very slight orange depigmentation on her face.
History : Logging, trekking, begging

Malai Ngun was the third and final elephant rescued in 2016. Old, weak and blind in her left eye, the WFFT team initially found Malai in late November whilst on an investigation at the trekking camp she was rescued from. After some negotiations, her release was again made possible due to the generosity of Joan Pearson and her friends in Sydney. Her rescue was a very straightforward one, though the journey home proved difficult, being delayed for many hours by poor traffic.

Characteristics and Personality Traits: Malai Ngun is a relatively slow, friendly and gentle elephant – though despite her age she is also quite proactive and incredibly inquisitive, enjoying her daily walks. Very notably Malai Ngun also succeeded in escaping from her quarantine pen on her second day to go exploring in the local area, eventually being brought back from one of the nearby villages. Since her arrival Malai Ngun has settled in well and shown interest in making friends with the other rescue elephants here at the WFFT Elephant Refuge. The team have plans to introduce her to other older ladies here in the future in the hope that she can enjoy her retirement in good company.

Adopt Malai Ngun today: Help us to finance the ongoing care for Malai Ngun by making a donation. Adoption donations are safe, secure and tax deductible through Paypal.

Malai Ngun’s Story

December 2019

May 2019

Another hot day at WFFT’s Project 4

By |May 12th, 2019|

(Scroll down for English) เป็นวันที่อากาศร้อนมากๆที่ WFFT โปรเจค 4 กับช้างเกษียณของเรา กานดา เเละ มีชัย ( ด้านหน้า ) กำลังว่ายน้ำเพื่อคลายความร้อนในบ่อน้ำ ส่วนด้านหลัง ทองมา พุ่มพวง เเละ อลิเชียกำลังประชุมกันตอนเช้าว่าวันนี้จะทำอะไรกันดี ตอนนี้ประเทศไทยเริ่มเข้าหน้าฝน เเล้วเราหวังว่าในไม่ช้าเราจะได้เห็นป่าเขียวชอุ่มปกคลุมทุกพื้นที่ของมูลนิธิ Another hot day at WFFT’s Project 4. Rescued elephants Gan Da and [...]

January 2019

P4 Ladies

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It has been a couple weeks since Alicia and Malai moved up to Project 4 full time. Here is the current P4 roster highlighting some of our ladies’ distinctive features and personalities. ------------------------------- 1) Alicia [...]

November 2018


By |November 29th, 2018|

We had an accidental rock album photoshoot with Alicia (vocals), Malai (guitar), Poom Puang (bass), and Thong Ma (drums). What would their band name be?

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