Duenphen เดือนเพ็ญ

Name meaning: Full moon
Arrival date: December 2012
Arrival age: 44
Rescue location: Pattaya
History: Duenphen previously worked in the logging and trekking industries. She was captured from the wild at around two years old, which is illegal but unfortunately not unusual. She spent 40 years of her life performing tricks for tourists at an elephant camp, even entertaining visitors on the morning of her rescue.

Characteristics: Duenphen is the least dominant of the Newlands elephants and is often described as a loner. She can appear withdrawn, but she actually prefers her own company. She does not enjoy human attention and volunteers must be careful around her, as her mood can be unpredictable.

Duenphen is a very petite, rounded elephant with small ears compared to her head and body size. She is missing the bottom part of her tail, and the skin on her back is very dry from years of wearing a saddle.

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