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Age : 55 +
Arrival at WFFT : December 2012 elephant camp in Pattaya.
Working History : Logging, Trekking.
Duenphen is between 55-60 years old, having been captured from the wild at around 2 years of age, which at the time was not unusual, although still illegal. She has spent the last 40 years of her life working mainly at an elephant camp entertaining tourists with tricks. She performed trick on the morning of her rescue.
Temperament : Loner, lowest ranked in Newlands herd, dominant over new elephants, temperamental to people.
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Quite small ears compared to head and body
  • Dry, scarred skin on back from years of wearing saddle
  • Missing half tail

Characteristics :
Duenphen likes going on a walk, eating different kinds of trees in the forest, and having a bath in the lake. She also likes to wander around her large enclosure and enjoys her banana balls. She can appear a little withdrawn at times and does not seem to enjoy human attention and tends to prefer her own company. She is potentially dangerous and her mood can be a little unpredictable so volunteers should show caution when near her in the enclosure.

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Duenphen’s Story

October 2017

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Opening Ceremony WFFT Elephant Wild Enclosure

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