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Name meaning: Good merit
Arrival date: 25/08/2018
Arrival age: 30
Rescue location: Pattaya
History: Boon Dee is half blind and was rescued from a trekking camp. Her rescue was made possible by the generous support of Joan Pearson. When we learned that there was an elephant in need of rescue we headed out to investigate. Having arrived at the camp four years ago Boon Dee had been in a terrible state. Emaciated and covered in abscesses her owners cried when they first saw the abuse and neglect she had suffered. They took good care of her while they had her and returned her to full health. When they were forced to sell her they didn’t want to run the risk of her falling into the wrong hands again and contacted WFFT. Boon Dee’s owners accompanied her on the long journey back to the centre. They cried again when they saw where she was going to spend the rest of her life, but this time it was tears of joy. On her first day after being freed of her chains, she was already walking around exploring her brand new home in Project 4. During her first walk she immediately approached Ganda, we learned that they had worked together many years ago.

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Fruit Pops

By |February 24th, 2019|

It may be winter where you are but it is hot and dry as ever at WFFT! Volunteers made fruit popsicle enrichments for our midland elephants to enjoy and cool down with. They were hung [...]

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