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Project Description

RIP Rungthip

Rungthip (meaning peak of the day)
Age : 50+
Arrival at WFFT : 1st May 2015 from a trekking camp in Pattaya
Working History : Logging, Trekking.

Passed Away: August 2017
Rungthip worked in the Thai elephant tourist trade for the last 25 years and did so in the last 3 years with severe arthritis, her both front legs being in constant pain. For several weeks the WFFT staff negotiated with her owners to have her retire to our elephant refuge and with help from our generous sponsors in Sydney, Australia we were able to rescue Rungthip and have her retire for life!
Temperament :Shy elephant, does not like company of others elephants, nervous, cautious, but building in confidence.
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Very stiff front left leg, either attributed to arthritis or an old injury.
  • Very pink on her trunk between eyes.
  • Quite thin.
  • Small ears for size of her head.

Characteristics :
Rungthip is very nervous and submissive around other elephants, possibly due to her bad legs, however she is getting more confident. She loves her walks with tourists that help build her confidence in a life without a bullhook and only fruit to guide her on. On her walks she always stops and scratches on her favourite tree, and make sure every part of her body is scratched before moving on with her slow walk. She is like an old lady always asleep early in the evenings, lying down for most the night.

Rungthip’s Story

August 2017

May 2015