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Pai Lin ไพลิน

Name meaning: Sapphire (Gem stone)
Arrival date: July 2007
Arrival age: 60
Rescue location: Surin
History: Pai Lin was used in the logging and trekking industries before arriving at WFFT. She also begged on the streets for many years. She was forced to carry a heavy howdah (seat) with up to six tourists in it. Because of this, her spine is visibly deformed, and she had many pressure sores at the time of her rescue. Thankfully, she does not seem to be in pain any more.

Characteristics: Pai Lin is often described as the grandma of the Elephant Refuge. Her back has old pressure point scars, she has large folds of wrinkled skin, and the temple domes on her head are particularly pronounced. She is small compared to most of our other elephants.

Pai Lin enjoys daily showers from volunteers to cool herself down, but otherwise she prefers her own company. She is afraid of elephants, cows and various other animals. She has mood swings and can be very sassy!

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