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Project Description

Nam Fon น้ำฝน

Name meaning: Rainfall
Arrival date: October 2013
Arrival age: 54
Rescue location: Pattaya
History: Nam Fon first worked in the logging industry and was then moved to a trekking camp. She was rescued from the same camp as Duenphen, a fellow Newlands elephant. When Nam Fon arrived, she was very skinny and malnourished. She now looks much healthier and can look forward to a happy life at WFFT, where she will never have to work another day.

Nam Fon lives with Duenphen and See Puak, and together they make up the Newlands herd. Although she is fast and dominant, she is friendly towards people and will usually approach volunteers to see what they are doing. She enjoys foraging in the trees and will often swim in the afternoon.

Nam Fon is easy to recognise because she has beautiful blue eyes. She has very torn ears and is the tallest elephant in her forest enclosure.

Adopt Nam Fon today: Help us to finance the ongoing care for Nam Fon by making a donation.

Nam Fon’s Story

March 2019

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June 2016

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Opening Ceremony WFFT Elephant Wild Enclosure

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