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Project Description


Age : 55+
Arrival at WFFT : 18th November 2015
Working History : Logging, Trekking.
Jele will always go down in WFFT history as the first elephant treated in the WFFT Elephant Hospital. Our Australian supporter Joan Pearson heard of an elephant with stomach issues while in Pattaya, and of course went to investigate. She found a poor, old and unhealthy animal. At that moment WFFT staff and Joan negotiated to free Jele from her working life and to come and receve treatment in the new elephant hospital. After a number of blood tests and veterinary investigation, Jele recovered from her illness, and began her new life at WFFT’s Elephant Refuge.
Temperament : Very confident, dominant around other elephants, enjoys the company of humans and food-oriented.
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Beautiful, grey-hazel eyes
  • Very Thin
  • Several abscesses located over her body
  • Trimmed tail hairs

Characteristics :
After being in isolation for a few weeks from the other elephants due to her health, Jele was introduced to a number of elephants at the refuge to see who she would settle with best. Eventually she settled with Rung Thip and Chok Dee, forming another old girls’ group. We soon discovered her to be quite intrigued by everything around her and though dominant, she is gentle to the other girls. She also showed herself to be quite an escape artist- escaping her enclosure to investigate her new surroundings on one occasion! Staff now keep a very close eye on her to monitor her health. Despite being one of our old girls, she certainly still has a spring in her step!

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Jele’s Story

June 2015

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