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Boon Chuey บุญช่วย

Name meaning: Good fortune
Arrival date: May 2014
Arrival age: 51
Rescue location: Pattaya
History : Boon Chuey previously worked in the logging, street begging and trekking industries. She began her days working on the streets of Bangkok and was eventually moved to a trekking camp at a beach resort where she would carry tourists on her back all day. She was even forced to work on the morning of her rescue.

Characteristics: Boon Chuey is very easy to recognise due to her deformed spine. A healthy elephant back should be well-rounded, but Boon Chuey’s dips in the middle as a result of her years as a trekking elephant. Trekking elephants often spend full days carrying the weight of their mahout, tourists and a howdah (seat).

Boon Chuey is a tall elephant with many scars on her trunk from her working days. She is food oriented, dominant and very temperamental. She moves very quickly for food and will sometimes nudge volunteers if they don’t feed her fast enough!

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