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Project Description

Boon Chuey

Age : 50+
Arrival at WFFT : 1st May 2014 from beach resort elephant tourist camp in Pattaya
Working History : Logging, Trekking, Street Begging
She began her days working on the streets of Bangkok and then travelled to Pattaya where she would take groups of tourists on treks every day. Boon Chuey was even forced to work on the morning of her rescue.
Temperament : Inquisitive, food orientated, dominant, temperamental
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Large bodied, healthy
  • Large head in comparison with body
  • Many scars on trunk from working days

Boon Chuey is a very healthy elephant with full ears and a large body. She is very fast and will run to the promise of treats.
Characteristics : As one of the larger elephants at the centre, Boon Chuey towers over the volunteers. She is very inquisitive, following volunteers around in search of food. She enjoys foraging through the trees and swimming in her lake when she thinks no one is watching. Her love for food is very obvious as she runs to the sound of banana trees being chopped. Boon Chuey loves to scratch herself against the trees in her enclosure and will carry a branch around to swat away the flies. She can also be tempermental and dominant, so be extra cautious with her.

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