Project Description

La Ong Dao

La Ong Dao (meaning Shooting star)
Age : 50+
Arrival at WFFT : 1st November 2014 from a small elephant camp in Pattaya, the same camp Kaew Petch was rescued from.
Working History : Logging, Trekking.
She was used in the tourism industry to allow tourists visiting Thailand the chance to ride elephants. Although La Ong Dao is a healthy elephant, she was worked to the point of exhaustion carrying tourists day in day out on her back in the blistering thai sun.
Temperament : Gentle, friendly.
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Very distinct pink pigment markings on her face, trunk and ears – These marks surround her eyes and trunk leaving the dark skin of the eyelids to portrait Panda Eyes- nicknamed ‘Panda’
  • Missing bottom section of her tail
  • Very healthy, rotund elephant

Characteristics :
La Ong Dao is a very friendly elephant who is quick to make friends amongst the other elephants at WFFT. Approaching most of the elephants to interact and communicate, La Ong Dao has found a friend in our recently rescued elephant KaewPetch and is now able to live with a friend. From day one, it was apparent that La Ong Dao had a love for swimming. On her first trip to the lake she entered on her own where she tumbled and turned in the water, splashing and spraying herself happily.

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La Ong Dao’s Story

February 2017

Enrichment time for the ele’s

By | February 28th, 2017|

Here are some images from our latest ele tyre toy enrichments. Hours of fun was had when the new toy was given to Pin's herd, squeaks, rumbles, kicks and lots of trumpets galore.

A Helping Hand (Trunk) for little Pin

By | February 24th, 2017|

As Pin explores her new enclosure she is under the close watch of her doting aunties, La ong Dao and Keaw Petch, and mother Pun. The new lake within the enclosure is considerably larger than [...]

WFFT’s Newest Elephant Enclosure

By | February 14th, 2017|

The latest new enclosure for elephants has just been completed at the WFFT Elephant Refuge - Thailand. We have created a new large area for Pin’s herd, tripling the size of their current habitat. Pin [...]

November 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Special Little Princess

By | November 13th, 2016|

We held a birthday party for little Pin yesterday as she reached two years old. Here are some images of the celebrations with her mother Pun, and aunties Kaew Petch and La Ong Dao. Here’s [...]

June 2016

Our Little Elephant Family

By | June 29th, 2016|

Take a look at our little family of elephants, Pin and mummy Pun, and aunties La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch having fun exploring the neighboring enclosure while we plant new large trees within their [...]

November 2014

Welcome to La Ong Dao! 30 years of service of tourists and now retired!

By | November 8th, 2014|

Our November 2014 elephant rescue is about “La Ong Dao”, a 55 year old elephant that was rescued from an elephant camp in Pattaya, Thailand. La Ong Dao has worked in tourism for the last [...]