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Project Description

Kaew Petch

Age : 55+
Arrival at WFFT : 9th April 2014 from Pattaya, in the same camp we recently rescued La Ong Dao from.
Working History : Logging, Trekking.
As a trekking elephant, Kaew Petch was forced to carry tourist each day even though she was malnourished and underweight. Suffering from a poor diet and neglect and Kaew Petch now has a fungal infection which covers 60% of her body and causes her to be extremely itchy.
Temperament : Curious, wary of people
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Tall elephant
  • Very thin
  • Obvious dry skin
  • Beautiful blue-grey eyes

Characteristics :
Kaew Petch is a very curious elephant who follows volunteers and staff in search of food and treats. She enjoys her showers and loved to be scrubbed by volunteers as her skin condition cause her to be extremely itchy. After few months getting used to be unchained and free, she is now more independant and less afraid of humans. She can be unpredictable and sometimes a bit agressive.

Adopt Kaew Petch today: Help us to finance the ongoing care for Kaew Petch by making a donation. Adoption donations are safe, secure and tax deductible through Paypal.

Kaew Petch’s Story

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