Project Description

Dao Rueng

Age : 50+
Arrival at WFFT : 17th July 2014 from trekking camp in Kanchanaburi
Working History : Logging, Trekking.
With a bad leg, getting old and tired, Dao Rueng was forced to carry tourists each and every day. Her owner used her for his income, his livelihood. Luckily for Dao Rueng, a friend from the past came through with the promise of freedom.
Temperament : Gentle, food orientated
Distinguishing physical features :

  • Very long head, large dome
  • Injured front right leg – cannot bend it (from trekking days)
  • Blind in her left eye

Dao Rueng is one of the largest elephants at WFFT and tower of all the volunteers. She suffers from an injury which leaves her unable to bend her front right leg. She is also blind in her left eye and has numerous scars across her body.
Characteristics : Dao Rueng is a very gentle elephant who loves to eat everything she can get her trunk on. Although she can be fussy, she soon takes a liking to most food. With sugar cane and bananas proving to be a favourite, she is easily led with the promise of treats. Slow due to her age and mobility issues caused by her leg, Dao Rueng spends most of her day looking for hidden treats and awaiting her next meal.

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Dao Rueng’s Story

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